selected poems

"Inside Every Poem You Can Hear Muffled Screams," POCKETFIRE
"Heaven," Palette Poetry
"Pine Street," Split Lip Magazine (print)
"Ascent," SWWIM Every Day
"Elegy Disguised as a Self-Care Scent Commercial," "Potential Energy," "Up, Up, And Away," Lanke Review
"When I Am Alone," "Short Answer #13: Foreshadowing," Plum Recruit Mag
"Nostalgia is the Prettiest Liar," diode poetry journal
"Simple Machines," Counterclock (selected for PATCHWORK collective; view film for poem here. Recognized as first place winner for Princeton Leonard P. Milberg Poetry Prize.)
"The Street Preacher Screams Repent," Burning Jade Lit
"Cusp," Feed Literary
"Liminal Song," 1455 Literary Festival (first place winner of Poetry in a Pandemic contest)
"The Radium Girls," 22 Under 22 anthology (print)
"Time Travel Taught Me Nothing," dreams walking
"A Self-Help Book Says To Confront Your Possible Selves," DIALOGIST
"Self-Portrait," Hobart
"Poem in Which I Do Not Become a Bird," "When I Dream I Dream of Diamonds," Up the Staircase Quarterly
"Elegy for Goldfish," Up North Lit (nominated for Best of the Net 2020)
"Prayer for Doomed Girls," Dishsoap Quarterly
"An Editor Says Can You Put More Foreign Words in Your Poems," Rust + Moth
"Hopscotch," perhappened
"We Were Birds," Kissing Dynamite featured poem (nominated for Best of the Net 2020. Recognized as finalist in Smith College Poetry Prize.)
"We Have Always Been Ghosts," Mineral Lit
"After the Carnival," perhappened
"Poem Inside a Locker Room," Glass Poetry


"Ghost Town, Ohio," Kenyon Review
"Origin Myth," "Panopticon Triptych," Tinderbox Poetry
2 Poems, Mutiny Mag
"Humans Don’t Realize How Biased They Are Until Machine Learning Reproduces the Bias," West Trestle Review
Two Poems, The Augment Review
"Inside Every Poem You Can Hear Muffled Screams," Crepe & Penn
"Notes on Transmutation," Muzzle Magazine